Become a Homeowner

Habitat Lenawee is here to help you reach your dream of homeownership today and build a better future for your tomorrow.

Once approved, our partner applicants participate in the construction of their new home, participate in home buyer and financial fitness education, and qualify for an affordable mortgage (30% or less of monthly income) in order to purchase their home.

We are currently accepting applications for homes located in Morenci and Adrian, MI – 3-bedroom, 2-bath, and 4-bedroom, 2-bath homes.

For full program details and requirements, please review the application.

Apply today!

Email or call 517-265-6157 for more information.

Do you qualify?

In need of a better place to live

Potential homebuyers might be dealing with poorly maintained, unhealthy or overcrowded housing; unaffordable rent; inaccessible housing for people living with disabilities; or have other shelter needs. Current properties here.

Willing to partner with Habitat

Habitat homebuyers put in 200 hours of “sweat equity,” helping build their own home and the homes of others in the program. This also includes financial fitness and home maintenance courses.

Able to make affordable payments

Habitat offers homebuyers an affordable homeownership opportunity. The income from the sale of homes at closing help Habitat for Humanity Lenawee build more affordable homes.

A Faith Build at Completion

“After a very long and unpredictable two years, we finally get to call our Habitat home OUR home! My children and I are overwhelmingly grateful for this opportunity through Habitat of Humanity. Even in the midst of delays, I can say with confidence that this has been a process of seeing God’s faithfulness, learning to solely trust in Him and His perfect timing, and knowing that this is the home God has for me and my children. It’s wild to say I’m officially a homeowner but even wilder when I recognize how involved God has been, even at times it felt like He wasn’t. Thank you to the Habitat team, the volunteers, the donors, and all of our friends and family who have supported us throughout this entire journey. We are so excited to officially call it ours!” -Emily Newell

Our youngest homeowners

I know that I ask for a lot but really the only thing I want is a nice home for me and my family. Oh, and I can’t forget the volunteers. Thanks so much for helping out with all the extra work we needed. We are so thankful.”

-Audrina Steffen (age 10)

Coming Home with Habitat

“I was driving home from work when I first noticed the Habitat sign in the yard. It was October 2018, and construction had not begun. I stopped my car in the middle of the road and just stared. I thought, “That’s it. That’s where I want to raise my kids.”

At the time, buying a home felt like a pipedream. I grew up on Frank Street, worked on Church Street, and had been scouring the area for a rental. I contacted the office to express interest and, before I knew it, was working on my sweat equity.

I drove by the house nearly every day for nine months, watching construction progress. In June 2019, I received an official purchase offer. I had referred to the home as “ours” for months. Nevertheless, that was a pretty surreal moment.

I have met some truly caring individuals on this journey who just want to help. Thank you to anyone and everyone who played a role in making this opportunity possible. I can’t express enough how truly grateful I am to be able to provide a clean, beautiful place to live for my family in a community I have always considered home.” -Hannah Lulham

Habitat for Humanity of Lenawee County is an equal opportunity housing provider and does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or familial status.