Veterans Build

Veterans Build is Habitat for Humanity’s national initiative to provide housing solutions and volunteer and employment opportunities to U.S. veterans, military service members, and families.

Habitat Lenawee is building a Veteran Build home on Spring Street in Adrian. It will be finished in Summer 2022.

The five pillars of Veterans Build


Safe, quality, affordable housing is the centerpiece of Veterans Build. This includes programs to repair and maintain homes and make them more energy-efficient and affordable.


We train Habitat employees and community volunteers to better understand military culture. This increases our effectiveness in interaction with veterans and military families.


We value skill sets gained from military service. We recruit veterans to work at Habitat as employees, board members, extended volunteers, National Service members, and interns.


Veterans want to give back. They volunteered in the first place and now they want to continue their volunteering and have the opportunity to give back to their community.


Throughout the year, we participate in and host special events that pay tribute to veterans, mobilize volunteers by raising awareness through advocacy.

How can you get involved?