Wish List


  • contractor garbage bags
  • paper towels
  • painters caulk
  • tape measures
  • work gloves
    smaller sizes for construction
  • latex gloves/vinyl gloves
    for serving food or painting in houses
  • paint roller covers
    Interior grade
  • hand wipes & clorox/lysol wipes

neighborhood revitalization

  • Branded 10x10 Tent with Case, Walls & Stakes
    Our current tent is 10 years old and is showing its age.  Help us move forward with a durable tent, that includes a sides, a carrying case, and is designed to withstand 30mph winds.
  • Premium Plastic Folding Chairs
    Four 10-packs @139.00 each
    Neighborhood Revitalization events are drawing a crowd!  That is great news but we need more seating.  Help us respond to our growth and make our guests feel welcome!
  • Hanging Folding Chair Truck
    Chair storage helps us maximize our space!
  • Commerical-grade Bounce House
    Help reduce rental costs for community activities with a product that is designed to last! 


  • Sponsor the forklift
    Our forklift is a key piece of equipment at the ReStore.   Our long-term rental contract ensures that our forklift is always well maintained and a current model.   Support this cost and be honored with the a sign, designating you as our Forklift Friend of the Month!