Repairing Homes and Mending Lives

Adrian, MI

Priority Home Repair funds will enable this homeowner to receive a new water heater and asbestos remediation.  We will also be applying for additional funds for roof replacement.

Clayton, MI

When this elderly homeowner approached us in need of a new roof, a comprehensive energy audit also revealed a propane leak in her stove.  By working with USDA Rural Development and Habitat Michigan, we were able to pull together enough funds to complete both jobs.  This year, we will be applying for a grant through the Federal Home Loan Bank to add extra insulation to her home.

Morenci, MI

Drywall wall repair was just one of the projects completed at this Morenci property.  A new roof, proper venting, a new laundry room window, and capping a heat run helped make the home safer and more comfortable for this elderly homeowner.  Funds were pulled together through our affiliate, Rural Development, and Habitat Michigan.